Analytics in the Cloud.
Insight on the Ground.

“There is a big difference between data, and good data.”


Armed with real-time energy data, advanced analytics tools, and dashboards that instantly highlight anomalies, Building Operators can stay on top of performance. Proactive Operations Teams finally have the data they’ve been wanting to optimize performance. The ultimate goal: comfortable, efficient buildings filled with happy people.


Property Managers need to have confidence in their utility budgets, how actual utility costs are tracking versus budget, and an understanding of the reasons for any variance. Similarly, confidence is essential when allocating utility costs to tenants. Robust and accurate data, at their fingertips, provides this confidence. Identification of utility billing errors adds to the Property Managers trust, reducing the pain point of flagging these issues on their own.

In addition, monthly electricity cost allocation statements by tenant/lease in addition to an overall cost allocation summary and annual tenant budgets can be created when submetering systems are in place – eliminating another pain point for Property Management.


Regulatory requirements and voluntary 3rd party sustainability benchmarks such as GRESB continue to evolve, and the reporting demands increase every year. Tracking sustainability across the range of indicators produces mountains of data that must be managed and interpreted to produce knowledge and action.

Streamline and simplify your Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (including GHG emissions reporting) by knowing you can rely on the quality and completeness of the underlying data. Our robust, audit-ready data management system can provide assurance to stakeholders that the final reports properly reflect actual performance.


Progressive stakeholders – ranging from shareholders to employees to customers – want to know the details of your portfolio/building performance. It is increasingly pivotal to how your organization is judged. It is critical that stakeholders come to trust management reports on sustainability. Integrity, accountability, and transparency are the building blocks of this trust.


Executives want to know in an instant how the organization and/or buildings/portfolio is performing in terms of sustainability and utility costs. Tailored dashboard views allow them this line of sight, summarizing the KPI’s that they care about. All of this is drawn from underlying data that is robust and complete.


Buildings are built for people to live, work or play in – they should make people feel good. With tools such as lobby displays, public-facing online performance dashboards and tenant portals, all fed with real-time data, you can visually communicate all the great things your organization is doing. This allows engagement of occupants/tenants at a deeper level by providing real-time transparency and data in innovative ways.


The Accounting group wants to have accurate utility budgets, know the as-billed utility costs, and have faith in accruals, together with understanding year to year variances in utility spends. Providing them with this information at their fingertips makes their lives easier, and facilitates co-operation with the Property Management teams.