Bring clarity to your use
of energy and resources.
Optimize decision making
and reporting.



Energy, Water, Waste, and GHG performance have become key metrics for good management.  The data can be overwhelming, and providing your team with the tools and insights needed to drive down energy use, manage utility costs and report on key sustainability metrics is now vital.
We are a full service energy engineering/accounting and software services firm focused on driving down energy and water use and costs in building portfolios across North America.
We provide custom Energy and Sustainability Data Management systems for an aggregate portfolio in excess of 5000 properties and $800 million in annual utility costs.  Our systems support and engage operations teams, occupants, accounting personnel, property management and senior management.
At the same time, we are a firm of expert energy practitioners – electrical, mechanical, and software engineers with extensive background in utility practices, energy management, and building operations.
Using a hands-on approach we address your financial and operational energy needs. Whether solving immediate energy issues or providing the structure for ongoing management of energy costs, we work within our clients’ operations to implement the most practical and cost effective solutions.

“We now create more information [data] in two days, than we created from the dawn of man up until 2003.”

– 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt